What's In Sarah's Bag?

1. Mochi Things Purse Organizer. Every woman who carries a tote bag needs this accessory!  My mother bought me this awhile ago and it is so incredibly handy!  You slip it inside your tote bag to keep your keys, wallet and other odds and ends totally organized and easy to find.  The other great thing about it is that you can easily just take it out of one tote bag and slip it into another when you decide to change up your handbag situation.

2. Beats Headphones. Ryan bought me these for Mother’s Day a couple of years ago and I love them!  They work great and look pretty cool as well!  They stay charged forever and are way more comfortable than earbuds!

3. Goyard Credit Card Wallet.  I bought this when I was in Paris with my mom and I LOVE IT!  There is just enough room for an ID and two credit cards.  Perfect for your back pocket, coat pocket or a clutch!  Can’t live without it now! You have to go to the little Goyard store across from the big one in order to find them.

4. Prada Wallet.  My girlfriends gave me this for my 38th or 39th birthday – who is keeping track at this point – but this is also a wonderful wallet that keeps all the extra cards, cash and coins organized.  Love the texture of the black leather. Beautiful!

5. Craighill Key Chain.  I saw this when I was shopping at Likelihood on Capital Hill for Ryan and loved it!  It’s just kind of cool and I’m still not tired of it!

6.  Matchbox Car.  You’ll always find me with some sort of toy in my handbag whether it is a matchbox car or a plastic snake.  They do come in handy when my kids need to be entertained!

7. well-kept.  My sister got me on to these and I use these every morning as Sophie can attest to!  I sit down at my desk and clean my glasses and wipe down my phone.  They also come in handy when we are out and about and my daughters glasses need to be cleaned! Did someone say OCD?!?!

8. Marc Jacobs lip gloss.  I’ve always been a NARS girl but on my last trip to NYC I ran out of lip gloss and Sephora was right next to my hotel!  The woman at Sephora recommended this nude color from Marc Jacobs and I’m obsessed with it!  Love the color – great neutral and I love the wand!

9. Kiehl’s Hand Salve. Not only do I have this in my handbag I also have one in my desk at work oh  . . . and the center console of my car!  It’s great – not too greasy and not too smelly!

10. Glide Dental Floss. Love having dental floss when I need it!

11.  Moleskine Diary. I use this to write notes and boy do I refer back to it all the time!  Hard to remember everything any more!  There are definitely a few pages ripped out from when my kids need a piece of paper to draw at a restaurant too.

12. Canlis Gift Card. One of Ryan’s super sweet clients gave us a Canlis gift card!  We need to plan that date night!

13. Givenchy Sunglasses. My favorites for the last two years!

14. Eyeglasses by Barton Perreira. I bought these from Eye Society – they have super cool frames and are really friendly & helpful.  I tried on a million pairs and then the second I saw these I new they were going to be the ones.  They are classic but then a little unexpected with the ombre bottom color.

15. Advil. For the headaches that come with hangovers!

16. Zyrtec. I mean does everyone have allergies now?  I don’t remember having allergies but now I feel like I get them all year long!

17. Burt’s Bees Chapstick.  I cannot live without chapstick and I love Burt’s Bees.

18. Apple iPhone Cord. You can never have too many cords!

19. Barneys New York Gift Card. A birthday gift from my mother-in-law.  Need to put this to good use!  So utterly fabulous of her!

20. SA Business Card.  Sophie & I love our business cards!  I cannot believe these still come in handy with the age of iPhones.

21.  Givenchy Tote.  My girlfriends gave me this beautiful tote bag for my 40th birthday which was right around the time I started my business!  They thought it would be perfect for me now that I am a working woman and they were right!  So beautiful and durable at the same time!  I use it every time I get on an airplane!  Do I have amazing friends or what?