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Sarah Alexandra's Father's Day Gift Guide

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1. Men’s Oliver Peoples Clifton Sunglasses.  Does your husband or father secretly fantasize of being Mavrick from Top Gun!  With these sunglasses, he can live that dream!

Price: $450.00

2.  Shutters on the Beach – Santa Monica, CA.  Plan a surprise get-away for your husband – Shutters on the Beach Hotel is the perfect escape for a romantic weekend!

Price: price upon request

3. Hermes Bracelet.  For a father of any generation surprise him with an unbelievably chic and deadly cool Hermes bracelet.

Price: $375.00

4. Japanese Chef Knife For the father who loves to cook this is the knife to have!  It is extremely efficient and incredibly dangerous so don’t make your father mad!

Price: $179.95

5. Travis Mathew Golf Polo and Travis Mathew Golf Hat.  For the golfing father – make sure he looks DOPE out on the links!

Price: $89.95 Polo

Price: $29.95 Hat

6. Dolce & Gabbana Cologne.  With one spray of this cologne he’ll have you at hello.  It is literally sex in a bottle.

Price: $67.00

7. Frescobol Carioca Beach Bats – Trancoso Beach Bat in Pastel Blue.  If your man can’t sit still on your beach vacation – here is your answer!

Price: $198.00

8. TomTom Golfer.  Is your husband or father a golf geek?  Look no further for the perfect golf gadget!

Price: $149.99

9. Men’s Moncler Sweater.  Keep your father or hubby cozy on those cool summer nights!

Price: $735.00

10. Men’s Belgian Loafers.  A timeless essential for any man’s wardrobe!  Super sexy with a pair of jeans and a white linen shirt.

Price: $440.00