Please note: Orders placed June 7th - June 24th will ship on June 25th due to our warehouse transition. Please note: Orders placed June 7th - June 24th will ship on June 25th due to our warehouse transition.


Can you believe how quickly the year has flown by already? We can't. We are excited for longer days, warmer weather and a fresh color palate. Sarah has some essentials to get your spring started off the right way.

Here are six essentials to swoon over:

Rascal by Sterling North
An absolute classic, relevant at all ages and times of life. Whether you read this as a child and then as an adult, this is a great coming of age story that will keep your perspective fresh this spring. Try picking it up even if you read it long ago, or read it to your kids.


HANIA by Anya Cole

Anya Cole's classic knits take traditional knitting methods and turn your outerwear into wearable art. When the weather is so unpredictable in Seattle, we always want to bundle up in these layer-able creations to stay warm and comfy inside and outside the house.


Beats Headphones

There's nothing like having the freedom to listen to your favorite music, podcast, radio without any inhibiting cords. These headphones come in a stylish warm gold color so you know they won't ever clash with your outfit.


Tan in a Towel

Even when we see a glimpse of the sun in the spring, we might not be quite ready to get our sun-starved skin out after a long winter. Tan in a Towel is a great way to get that sun-kissed look without the need of harmful tanning beds and the dreaded "orange streak" look. You can even do it in the comfort of your own home.


Signature - Yes, We Cannes!

Keep it fresh and flirty for Spring in Sarah's favorite spring design and color. The Signature Shirt is fashioned with our uniquely shapeable one-piece collar for a dramatic style. You can pop it high, create an angle, or lay your collar flat. The front plackets are concealed and hide the fish-eye buttons for a seamless appearance. Sleeves are topped off with Chamfer cuffs.


Rowenta – Perfect Steam

Now that it's linen season again, we better make sure our effortless linens are crease free so they can billow in the wind. This high-pressure steamer by Rowenta makes eliminating wrinkles satisfying, quick and easy. 

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