#SA Anniversary Sale! Save 20% Now on Regular-Priced Shirts and Dresses. No Code Needed. #SA Anniversary Sale! Save 20% Now on Regular-Priced Shirts and Dresses. No code needed.

Sarah Alexandra Mother's Day Gift Guide

1) What mother wouldn’t want a little pink frosting dangling from their ear? We fell in love with these Leviev earrings.
Price: price upon request.

2) A little Rock-‘N-Roll for the mother you love! Hermes bracelet:
Price: $1,150.00

3) These pink suede Christian Louboutin heels do demure to perfection!
Price: $675

4) For your Queen – as Queen sings, “I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I like” the Shinola women’s bike.
Price: $2,950

5) This Sarah Alexandra white linen Signature Shirt is a summer must-have & couldn’t be more exquisite.
Price: $ 345

6) One of Sarah’s favorite artists - Rebecca Kinkead. She is extraordinarily talented and will commission family portraits in her abstract form.
Price: price upon request

7) Sexy & Sophisticated – an essential for any mother - Paul Stuart robe.
Price: $495.00

8) With summer approaching the hatattack Panama hat is a stable in a mother’s wardrobe.
Price: $112

9) What mother doesn’t need a little help in the morning? The Dyson Supersonic™ Hairdryer in the Mother's Day edition solves this problem beautifully!
Price From: $399.99 

10) Look no further for our all time favorite parfum - Maria Christofilis Parfum!
Price: $160

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