Introducing Ash + Ames to our Pop-up Shop!

For the remainder of the pop-up shop (now through September 30th, 2016), you can find Ash + Ames jewelry alongside our Sarah Alexandra Shirts, Maria Christofilis Parfums, and Callista Crafts Handbags!

Who is Ash + Ames

Ash + Ames is an amazing jewelry line that focuses on women jewelry artisanship around the world. You can find anything from rings and necklaces, to one of a kind scarves and belts. The quality is incredible and they won’t break the bank. The materials used are anything from gold, silver, or even wood. But this isn’t the only reason we’re partnering with Ash + Ames!

What Makes Ash + Ames so Special?

The three main focal points of the Ash + Ames story are:

  1. To empower female artisans all over the world

  2. To give back to developing countries

  3. Provide a platform for women to launch their independent businesses

Some of the reasons why we fell in love with them are that every season there are collections of pieces that are created by women in developing countries. Then 100% of the proceeds from those pieces go back to the community where it was made!

Another reason is that every single piece of jewelry has a story to tell, and Ash + Ames provides that story. Learn about the creator, their inspirations, their background, and their dreams. Give yourself a feel good talking piece to share with others!

Come Shop Their Collection with Us!

We have the pop-up shop until the end of September. So come in and shop their collection and read about the jewelry 7 days a week with us! At the same time, get styling tips on how to pair your new Ash + Ames jewelry with a new Signature Shirt, clutch, and perfume.