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A Mother Daughter Dream Team!

A Mother Daughter Dream Team!

As it has been said countless times, there is something special about the relationship between a mother and her daughter. It’s an indescribable connection, but the bond is a deep and powerful one. We needed to look no further than our very own Sarah Alexandra and her mother, Renee Bassetti, for the perfect example of a mother daughter dream team. We thought it would be fun to have a little sit down with Sarah and Renee to answer some questions, and tell some stories. These ladies have an unspoken connection, much like two beloved characters from your favorite book or movie. Over the course of the interview, the two laughed, reminisced, and finished each other’s sentences. It doesn’t take long with them to see how close these two are, and more importantly, how deeply they respect, admire and love one another.

Renee on Sarah:

Sarah’s giggle is infectious, it makes me smile and it’s delightful. She does it a lot, and every time she does, it warms my heart.

Sarah on Renee:

Sometimes my mom may subtly question my decisions but I never feel criticized by her. She didn’t tell us what to do and was never overbearing or controlling. She let us figure it out. I used to wish she would have pushed me more or been more involved in helping me make a decision but ultimately she let us figure it out. Now that I have my own children I appreciate it so much more.

Renee describe Sarah in three words:

Loyal. Exceedingly Organized.  Nurturing.

Sarah describe Renee in three words:

Creative. Artistic (she’s kind of a genius the way she comes up with ideas). Non-judgmental.

Favorite vacation spot:

Renee: Paris, I like it better each time I go. Every day is interesting to me. I just walk out of my hotel room and I feel like I belong there.

Sarah: Mexico, I like the culture and food. I just love being there.


Renee: Serge Lutens Cuir Mauresque and Byredo Parfums Bal D’Afrique.

Sarah: Fleur09 by Maria Christofilis. She’s a friend but I would wear it even if she weren’t!

Dream vacation destination:

Renee: The Shetland Islands

Sarah: The Greek Isles

Style Icon:

Renee: Grace Kelly

Sarah: Lauren Santo Domingo

Favorite Book:

Renee: The Last Lion by William Manchester & Paul Reid. I’ve read everything about Churchill. I love his command of the English language.

Sarah: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. I get totally entrenched in all her books.

Which item from your closet do you wear the most?:

Renee: Besides a Renee Bassetti shirt – an Avolio coat!

Sarah: Besides a Sarah Alexandra shirt – a pair of black suede Prada booties.

Most treasured possession:

Renee: My Verdura Panama cuff.

Sarah: A charm bracelet from my mom. I once thought I lost it, it’s irreplaceable. There is a charm for each one of the kids, one from my husband Ryan and one for a nephew who passed away.

Greatest achievement:

Renee: Remaining sane if you want to call it that!

Sarah: I feel blessed, my family makes me feel grounded. They are the most important thing to me. None of this would be any fun if I didn’t have them. I truly appreciate them.

Luxury necessity:

Renee: My Steinway piano

Sarah: Dyson hairdryer, really!

What talent do you wish you had?:

Renee: To be fluent in French.

Sarah: To be a professional tennis player.

Which celebrity would you want to have dinner with living or deceased?:

Renee: Oprah, because she’s so out there. I think you would feel better after you were with her.

Sarah: Princess Diana.

Favorite fashion trend:

Renee: Classic cardigan.

Sarah: Skinny jeans.

Favorite movie:

Renee: The Sound of Music, I must have seen it 20 times when it came out!

Sarah: 16 Candles.

What brings you the most joy?:

Renee: Being with my family.

Sarah: Reading to my kids, by far, I love it! It’s my favorite thing to do with them.

Favorite sweet treat:

Renee: Sugarfina Cuba Libre Gummies.

Sarah: Nancy’s pecan cookies (see below for the recipe).

Skin care products/beauty secrets:

Renee: Omorovicza Gold Rescue Cream.

Sarah: Biologique Recherche P50 toner.

Best gift ever received:

Renee: A Dyson hairdryer from my daughter’s Katy & Sarah.

Sarah: Diamond earrings from my husband, Ryan.

What advice would you give yourself at a younger age?:

Renee: Don’t drive so fast!

Sarah: Trust your initial gut feeling, don’t question it.

Best part of being your own boss:

Renee: I can express my own creativity.

Sarah: I get to listen to everybody’s advice and opinions but I get the final say.


Nancy’s Pecan Chocolate Cookies

1 cup Toasted Pecans

1/2 lb. Softened Butter

3/4 Cup Sugar

1 Teaspoon Vanilla

2 1/2 Cup flour

Directions: Lightly toast the pecans in the oven. Pulse pecans in Cuisinart until the consistency of pecan butter. Add softened butter and pulse. Add sugar & vanilla and pulse. Lastly, add flour and pulse. Roll the cookie batter into balls and roll in sugar. Press down cookie balls on cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. Take out of the oven and make an indent in the center of the cookie. Melt chocolate chips (my personal favorite are Trader Joe’s semi-sweet chocolate chips) in a pan over the stove and fill the middle of the cookies with the melted chocolate. Divine!


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