Sarah Shares Her New Year's Resolutions For 2017


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It's that time of year again for New Year's resolutions! The upcoming new year is a time to reflect on what positive changes we'd like to make in the next part of our lives. Sometimes it's about giving something up and other times it's about holding onto things we may be taking for granted. Each year brings changes, including to ourselves, and it's important to embrace the changes that better ourselves and help us reach our goals. But remember: Try to pick realistic objectives and don't be too hard on yourself. Sarah shares three of her resolutions for 2017 to help inspire and motivate you!

First Resolution: Put away the phone at night!

We are all guilty of doing it. We walk through the front door and, instead of decompressing and connecting with our families, we worry about a work crisis or an upcoming event and forget to unplug. In this day and age everything moves so fast, including our technology! But, it's vital for our health and relationships to disconnect and be present for our loved ones.

Next Resolution: Workout 3 days a week!

With work and kids and errands, fitting in exercise can be next to impossible! Still, workouts are crucial when it comes to a healthy body, and they can also improve energy, mood and thinking. It's important not to take our health for granted, so consider what time of day works best for you and try to stick with it, even if you only have 15 minutes! Sarah recommends joining a yoga studio, such as Freedom Seeker Yoga (run by friend and fellow local business owner Jaime Scates Schmitz) to help kick start your fitness commitment.

Last Resolution: Go to Iceland!

Travel can be so replenishing! Having an adventure in a new place is exciting, inspiring and can help you understand the world - and even yourself - better. Iceland, in particular, is high on Sarah's list, because it offers so much: volcanoes, waterfalls, northern lights and ponies! With reasonable airfare and so many unique things to do and see, Iceland is a must for your wanderlust list!

Happy New Year!