Sarah Alexandra Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Sarah Alexandra Valentine's Day Gift Guide

1. Hermes Behapi Double Tour Bracelet. You can't go wrong with this reversible double tour bracelet in Swift calfskin, one side in the ever-versatile white and the other side in festive pale pink.

2. Gucci Loafers. These loafers go with absolutely everything from your typical blue denim to black pants and even white denim for the quickly approaching Spring & Summer season.

3. Sarah Alexandra Signature Shirt in A Touch of Pink. This incredibly pale pink shirt is as versatile as a white shirt. It looks great on all skin tones and it's pink - perfect for Valentine's Day!

4. Apple AirPods. I'm pretty much obsessed with my latest tech purchase. Super easy to travel with and really easy to use.  A fabulous gift for any sweetheart in your life!

5. Peloton Tread. Watching the video of this latest exercise equipment inspires me to get moving! The perfect gift for both of you to get in shape before Spring Break!

6. Salua Pima Pajamas. I don't know anyone who wouldn't love these perfectly cozy pajamas! They are made of the softest cotton and my first choice before bed!