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Behind The Scenes Fall 2017 Photo Shoot

Have you ever flipped through the pages of your favorite fashion magazine and wondered what it takes to get that perfect shot? We can tell you that there is an incredible amount of preparation and hard work that goes into each of those beautiful images. We thought we would give you a sneak peek into the behind the scenes of our Sarah Alexandra Fall 2017 photo shoot.

For each season, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter, Sarah Alexandra produces five new fabrics. These luxury textiles are sourced from some of the finest mills in Italy; Albini, Thomas Mason and Grandi & Rubinelli.  Once the fabrics are selected, they are sent from Italy to the manufacturer in Canada.  From there, samples are created, which will be used in our photo shoot. We have two styles of Sarah Alexandra shirts; the Signature Shirt and the Weekend Shirt.

We reach out to top model agencies such as Ford, Elite, Seattle Models Guild and Heffner Management asking them to send us a package of models from which we can choose the perfect Sarah Alexandra brand ambassador for that particular season.


Once our model has been selected and confirmed, we book our very talented and favorite make-up artist, Melissa Korn #melissakornmakeupartist and exceptional photographer Tereza Janakova #terezajanakova.

Once we have the logistics squared away, we get to the fun and creative part of the process. The first thing we do is put together all of the clothing and accessories to pair with each shirt. In order to prepare for the ten looks being photographed, we look at current fashion trends and what is currently available in stores. Once each look has been completely styled, we take photographs in our showroom to use as a reference on the day of the shoot. This helps to keep us organized, efficient and running smoothly during the long day at the studio.

 On the day of the shoot, we arrive at 8:00 AM along with the make-up artist. We unpack the clothes and accessories.  We steam and iron all of the shirts to ensure they are perfect and photo ready. Our make-up artist organizes all the necessary supplies for make-up and hair in the dressing room. The photographer arrives a bit earlier to set up the lighting, cameras and equipment. At 9:00 AM the model arrives and goes straight into hair and make-up. Then comes a much-needed coffee run!

After the model has been to hair and make-up, we begin dressing and styling her for the first look. As the model moves through each shot there are constant tweaks and adjustments that need to be made to the lighting, hair, make-up, and styling.  We reference the photographer’s computer to make the necessary changes.

One of the best parts of our day is when our friends stop by to say hello and see us in action!  Thank you to everyone for all of your support – you know who you are!

The long day ends at 6:00 PM when we pack everything up and bring it all back to our showroom with our hair on fire and ready to swallow a martini!

We eagerly await the initial images from our photographer, Tereza.  We look over all of the photographs and select the images that need to be photoshopped in case of any unwanted wrinkles or unexpected make-up marks. Following this process, we upload the final images to our website.  And VOILA! just like that a new collection is revealed!


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