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What is a Boho Dress?

What is a Boho Dress?

Boho dresses are one of the more popular pieces from the boho style trend, a style of dress that was inspired by the hippie movement during the 60s and 70s. It can be characterized as a flowy dress that sits around mid-thigh or ankles with ruffles or tiered pieces. For shorter dresses, it includes relaxed-fit dresses that are simple and more casual while still flattering to the figure. Some boho dresses may also have large or puffy sleeves. They come in basic colors or traditional Bohemian-style patterns. Boho dresses have become increasingly popular for weddings and other semi-formal events. Celebrities can even be spotted wearing them to red-carpet events.

How to Dress Boho

Popular characteristics of this style include long, flowy, tiered skirts, dresses, and blouses. It also includes patterned clothing, ethnic fabrics, embroidery and embellishments, and fringes, and extends into accessories like sandals and ankle boots. In the mid-2000s, boho made a comeback, and continues to be a trend today. 

Nowadays, you’ll see the style worked into other, more current trends, giving boho a sleek and modern take. For example, boho in 2003 included low-rise flared jeans, while boho of 2019 meant high-waisted, vintage jeans. Learning how to dress boho-chic is about exuding a unique, artistic vibe using natural fabrics, neutral tones, and layering — all for comfort. 

One way to style a boho look is to start with accessories like headbands, fringed purses, or ethnic footwear. Oversized garments and layered clothes are also key to the look. Fabrics like suede, lace, and crochet are common materials to look for.

There is a small difference between dressing boho and boho-chic. Boho-chic takes the casual, laid-back feel of boho and adds just a flare of formality. More mature adults and those who still want to express their style at work or events lean closer to this end of the fashion trend. As we mentioned before, it’s about adding the subtle touches of boho to a more modern style trend. Boho dresses typically fall under the boho-chic category.

How to Style a Boho Dress

Boho style isn’t just for one body style. It is about finding clothes that are comfortable and light while still expressing your personality and individualism. Styling boho dresses is not only about what you’ll be comfortable in, but also how much you want to mix it with modern trends.

When it comes to what shoes to wear with a boho dress, there are a few different options based on your style. If you want to really embrace the Bohemian characteristics, pairing your dress with sandals or cowboy boots will be perfect. If you’re wearing a boho dress to a more informal setting, you can even wear it with sneakers. When wearing a boho dress to a more formal event or even a night out, you can wear them with a bright pair of heels to make the style pop.

Other ways to style a boho dress include accessories. Cowboy hats or sun hats are staples of the boho style as well as “flashy” or patterned headbands. With boho-chic, gold jewelry is always the best choice to keep the style warm and compliment the neutral tones.

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