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From the moment you put on your first Sarah Alexandra shirt you will know that you are on to something. Whether you dress it up or down, you will soon realize it is the only shirt that presents beautifully in absolutely every occasion. Prepare for uncountable compliments. The best part is you will feel confident every time you wear it—and that feeling lasts as long as you own your Sarah Alexandra shirt.


They are the masterwork of the finest Italian cotton and highly skilled tailoring, fastidiously crafted to provide every woman a gorgeous, comfortable and flattering fit.

Renowned designer and tailor Renee Bassetti invented the original shirt concept in 1989. Renee had a singular obsession—to create the finest shirt for women ever made. Initially, her designs were available exclusively as part of a bespoke experience. As word spread, her shirts were quickly favored by women of prominence the world over. This inspired her daughter, Sarah Alexandra McKinney, to extend this luxury experience to a wider audience. She launched Sarah Alexandra to serve a new generation of women with exceptional taste who appreciate timeless style and demand extraordinary quality.

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Sarah Alexandra

I love my first shirt and want to let you know how much I enjoy getting your monthly guide. Your production quality is amazing and you do a great job of curating your suggestions to enhance your product. Keep up the great work. I just placed my second order, at this rate I may end up creating my own shirt of the month club!

I love my weekend shirts and although I have only had them for about 1 month (or less!) I wear them often. Very happy I found your line. I have tried a lot of other button downs over the years but these are by far the best I have found as far as style and fit! Thanks!

I love your weekend shirt to bits, I have 2; white and blue and wear them all the time - they just go with everything, from a skirt at the office to jeans at home. The best thing is how crisp the collars are and how they stay up all day when I 'pop' them.

I think I am addicted to your shirts, especially the cotton & cashmere flannel! 😊 Thank you for keeping me warm.

When I arrived home this evening the shirt you shipped was waiting at my front door. I couldn’t wait to try it on! I have to say, I was very impressed with the workmanship and styling of the blouse. It is very rare that I am impressed with clothing due to the fact so much is made in China. I love the cut of the blouse! It is so feminine and very flattering. I know now, I made a good decision in picking the Purple Reign. Let me say again, how excited I am with the blouse and the fine design and craftsmanship. It is such a pleasure to find someone who is about great design and quality.

I Love, Love, Love my shirt!!!! I’ll be ordering another and can’t wait to see the new fabrics, too! Thank you!

Sarah, Wow I am impressed! A personal response! Thank you!

Sarah — I just received the shirt. The fabric is absolutely luscious and the fit fantastic! Love, love, love it! Thanks so much!